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Name: Yuka Kazami
Age: Unknown (over a century at least); apparent age of late 20s
Subject taught: Abnormal Botany
Canon: CANON
AU Divergence: Befriended by Cirno during Phantasmagoria of Flower View. The developing relationship between the two as well as Yuka becoming more sociable in general leads to involved with more people and events in Gensokyo, including at least one incident.
Canon AU point: 25-30 years after PoFV. Cirno and Yuka's daughter Iris is in the equivalent of her late teens and has recently moved out of the house.

Yuka Kazami is a sweet girl who loves flowers.

Yuka Kazami is a battle-crazed maniac.

Neither of these statements are entirely true, nor entirely false, but both are a lot more true now than they used to be. Once, Yuka was an anti-social recluse, who rarely wanted more than to be left alone with her sunflowers. That changed when a certain ice fairy taught her one of the fundamental truths of Gensokyo: Defeat Means Friendship. (Although even they aren't entirely sure who to say won during their first battle.)

In the years since, Yuka has become much more sociable, although she still tends to be a bit reserved with unfamiliar people. This can be easily overriden by her sheer enthusiasm for nearly any plant-related subject.

While Yuka isn't oblivious to the needs her body has in this world that it didn't before (such as "eating" or "sleeping while not standing up"), her inexperience may make her behavior seem strange to an outside observer. This is emphasized by her tendency to do things like call people "flowers" and meals "fertilizer". (She would still do this some even if she remembered that other people think it's weird.) She is also likely to have a difficult time with the idea that someone could be around fighting and not want to be a part of it, since it's a common part of even friendly interactions in her native culture.

Yuka's temper is generally fairly even, and she will tend to have a friendly attitude towards even opponents. However, she will become far more agressive if she thinks someone isn't taking her as seriously as they should be... or if they cause pointless damage to plants in her presence. (Standards for "pointless" may or may not seem arbitrary.) Her feelings about the general situation are fairly optimistic. It's not really any weirder than some things that happened back home, so for now she's willing to take the long view.

Name: Shazra

Form: Parasol

  • UPGRADE 1 - Defense
  • UPGRADE 2 - Strength
  • UPGRADE 3 - Defy Gravity
  • UPGRADE 4 - Nettle's Sting
  • UPGRADE 5 - Sunflower'd (Asteroid Belt, but with sunflowers instead of stars)

Lost memories:
  • That she has a daughter.
  • Sakuya's cooking. (Not the fact that Sakuya cooks things, but anything specific about the items, including taste.)
  • That people should be referred to mostly by people-related terms, rather than mostly plant-related terms.
  • What the Scarlet Weather incident was actually all about.
  • What Aya does for a living.
  • How to sew.
  • That it's not embarrassing to go without her parasol.
  • How to get to Kourindou.
  • How to play cards.
  • What makes fairies grow up.


Side Note: Due to the obvious dramatic potential that is already being looked forward to, I'd like to request that Yuka be put in Conquest.
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